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Memory and future

A new concept of boats, designed with the aim of following a path of technical innovation and design.

The “Evolution and Open Sport” lines include fiberglass yachts between 16 and 24 meters.


The “Evolution” series is destined to trace new routes in the sector, starting with the revolutionary outboard motorization never used before on cabin cruisers of 18 and 24 meters.

The “Open Sport” series takes the liveability of spaces to the extreme with collapsible sides and 360 ° comfort, together with state-of-the-art technical solutions and the use of materials and components of the highest quality.

Super Yacht

We asked the support of a great designer as Enrico Gobbi to develop a superyacht concept which reflects all the features of Leopard brand, it resulted in a project of a 40 meters yacht, rich in charm and with that modern touch inspired by the right balance of a product which wants to mantain a reference to the past, intended to mark once again the history of yachting.

Paolo Giordano, instead, is the designer of a “classic” 50 meters, which redesigns in a particular concept the shape of the vessels’ categories known as Explorer.

About us

Cantieri Navali Leopard, led by a team of Italian entrepreneurs who have always been active in the yachting sector, today constitutes a production center of several product lines with innovative features.

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